Batman: The Animated Series Adventures

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Pledges Closing Soon & A Visit From Clayface
2 days ago – Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 03:21:54 AM

Greetings, Gothamites! 

Before we dig into the fun part of today’s update, we have a few quick notices and reminders to cover. First, please note that the Backerkit will be closing and cards will be charged on September 25th. This is your last chance to change or upgrade your pledge! Which brings us to our second note -- there are only 109 TMNT bundles remaining. If you wanted to team up with the turtles but found the process tricky, just send us an email at and we can manually hook you up. 

Now, today’s topic has been long-requested. Many of you have expressed curiosity about the new AUGS game modes -- most notably, Clayface mode!

Clayface mode is a new way to play BTAS Adventures by adding a unique traitor mechanic to the cooperative mode not found in other Adventures games. You can add it into any 4 player co-op battle that Clayface is not already present in (it would be pretty obvious otherwise). Set-up is pretty standard however each player is given an interrogation token and a Clayface hidden role card. 

There are 5 Clayface hidden role cards in total -- 4 hero and 1 Clayface traitor. This means that it’s totally possible that you’ll sow some serious suspicion with your fellow players with no real threat present. If/When Clayface is revealed the game changes from a cooperative 4vsAI to a 3v1+AI. The following changes go into play:

  • The revealed player replaces their figure, initiative card, character sheet, and skill cards with new ones belonging to Clayface. They then regain all their Life and Focus.
  • Clayface keeps and still uses the Action dice of the hero they pretended to be. They also take 2 more unused Action dice from the box of their choice for a total of 5 Action dice. 
  • Clayface does not share Action dice 
  • The 3 remaining heroes share Action dice between themselves like normal with one less hero. This happens immediately, changing the dice that are currently shared.
  • Add 1 extra round to all mission-specific goals that are time-based (including Time Bombs)

Clayface may reveal themself at any time on their turn by spending 2 special actions. These special actions may be made while adjacent to a hero or a villain figure. Starting from round 2, a hero may Interrogate another hero by performing a special action while adjacent to them. When a hero interrogates another hero, they must discard their interrogation token, then may secretly look at the role card of the interrogated hero. Players may reveal or even lie about what they discovered during the interrogation. 

The heroes win if they can complete their mission goals, with or without Clayface revealed.

The villain wins if they can complete their mission goals, with or without Clayface revealed.

Clayface only wins if the villain wins!

So, what do you think bat-fans? Anyone planning on proxying this out with turtles this weekend? 

TMNT Bundle News & A Bat Family Reunion
17 days ago – Sat, Sep 05, 2020 at 12:22:30 AM

Hey there Bat-fans, 

The time has finally come! We’ve calculated our stock remaining after fulfillment to Europe (which is happening in a few days) and there are 700 copies left. Those TMNT Bundles will be arriving on the Backerkit on Monday morning at 10am EST. As promised, all-in backers will get first dibs at All The Loot. On Wednesday, we’ll open up all remaining quantities to backers of any level. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll get when you expand your AUGS with turtle power:

‣TMNT Adventures: Change is Constant

‣TMNT Adventures: City Fall

‣Deviations Enemy Box (Kickstarter Exclusive)

‣Stan Sakai Character Box (Kickstarter Exclusive)

‣Villain Upgrade Box (Kickstarter Exclusive)

‣Loner Raph Alt-Sculpt + Dice Set (Kickstarter Exclusive)

‣Savage Slash Alt-Sculpt (Kickstarter Exclusive)

‣Scratch A.I. Villain (Kickstarter Exclusive)

‣Set of All Stretch Goals, with one small caveat. Digital comic codes have now expired, so those will not be included. 

How about those stretch goals? Here’s a handy graphic to get to know these totally tubular extras. 

Since we originally outlined a three-week period for folks to plan their pledges, we won’t be charging cards until September 25th. As always, we are happy to charge your card earlier if you’d prefer -- just send us an email at 

Now, onto the Gotham greats you came here to see. As requested, we’ll be getting to know the Bat-family in today’s scroll of samples. Robin sends his regards, but will not be in attendance due to a few necessary adjustments. 

Now that you’re all well-acquainted...what’s next for our Gotham tour? So far, we’ve heard a request for an overview of Clayface mode, but we can pack more than that into one update! For now, we’ll send up the Bat-Signal and await your arrival down in the comments. 🦇

Your Campaign Episode List & A Mini Gallery
about 1 month ago – Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 08:16:36 PM

Greetings, Gothamites! 🦇

Today’s update includes a few special requests from our caped community. First up, a complete list of every BTAS episode covered in-game. 

On Leather Wings

Cat and the Claw

Joker's Favor

Heart of Ice

Nothing to Fear

Blind as a Bat

What is Reality?

Two-Face Part I

Two-Face Part II

Pretty Poison

Feat of Clay

Mad as a Hatter

Girls Night Out

The Demon’s Quest

Make ‘Em Laugh

Harley and Ivy

Mystery of the Batwoman

Mask of the Phantasm

Almost Got ‘Em

Phew, that’ll take care of your rewatch schedule for a bit! (Or a dedicated weekend marathon.)

Next up, a new batch of production samples. Starting with a close-up on Clayface!

Less of a scroll this time, but still plenty to ponder. What’s your favorite mini from today’s batch of reveals? Any requests for our next trip to Gotham?

A Scrolling Stroll Through The Rogues Gallery
about 2 months ago – Sat, Aug 08, 2020 at 03:05:18 AM

Hey there, caped crusaders! 🦸

Buckle up and stretch your scroll thumb, because there are a *ton* of pictures in today’s update. However, we have some important news to share first…

Pete Walsh is officially a full-time member of the IDW Games team!!! 🎉

Our distinguished new addition also spent yesterday unboxing his production samples to snap pics of some of your BTAS favorites. He even went as far as gathering up some TMNT minis so you can easily see the scale across fandoms -- starting with this terrifying villain line-up against Mikey and Donatello. Place your bets!

Okay, okay, we’ll stop distracting you with words. Enjoy your virtual tour of the Batman Rogues Gallery! 

Speaking of Firefly, did everyone see MarcDiving’s killer AI mode and scenario homebrew over in the comments section? 

How about a few more comparison shots to wrap things up? 

That’s all for today. Which one’s your favorite so far? 

Oops, one more. Excellent strategy against Shredder, really. I threw a rock at him! 

Updated Rulebook Download
about 2 months ago – Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 01:37:44 AM

We’re back with a quick update to bring you some light weekend reading. Back in update 61 we shared our work in progress rulebook. Now after feedback provided by the community and playtesters,  and many hours of editing we bring you the updated Batman: The Animated Series Adventures - Shadow of the Bat Rulebook!

There have been lots of improvements including updated examples, an overhauled flowchart, detailed bomb rules, and status conditions.

The last missing piece of the puzzle is the tray layout for the miniatures. We include this to save time when packing up the game by showing exactly where to place the figures back in the tray. We are expecting to have this in the next two weeks.

Right then, time to get cracking. Download your copy here and be ready for adventure!