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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Production Samples & An Intro To Homebrewing
6 days ago – Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 08:52:28 PM

Greetings, Gothamites!

We’re back with another production update. Who’s up for a game of ring around the minions? The set seen here includes both standard and alt sculpts. 

Standard on the left, alt sculpts on the right.

Now, who’s gonna take those thugs down? These brave men, women, and demons are ready for the job!

If today’s samples have you feeling inspired, you’ll be happy to know that the Virtual  Homebrewer’s Kit is now available! Pete Walsh has put together a great little intro on how to use it so without further ado, we’ll hand the mic over to him. 🎙️

To celebrate our fantastic community and vast wealth of TMNT lore, we’ve made a scenario creation kit to help all the homebrewers share their awesome ideas. The kit comes in the form of a PSD file that stores all of the scenario assets from the City Fall and Change is Constant core boxes: map tiles, tokens, and character portraits. You will need some basic graphics editing knowledge and a program that can edit PSD files to take advantage of it, but there are several free, powerful tools available including GIMP. If you can’t manage that, there will likely be some technically-inclined community members that can help bring your scenario to life at the community page

The file has been set up as a single 8.5” x 11” page for easy at-home printing; exporting to a PDF is likely the best solution for sharing within the community. While our team is excited to share this tool with you, it’s just a first version. We look forward to hearing how the community is using it and welcome any constructive feedback, as we hope to improve on the tool and add additional content down the road. Download the kit below, then continue reading for some tips on creating your own scenarios!

TMNT Homebrewers Kit download: Click Here

So you’ve decided to make your own TMNT homebrewed battle. There are a few things when designing a battle that should be taken into consideration. Firstly, you need to set the scene: select 1-2 tiles where you want to do battle. Pay attention to the terrain types you’ve chosen. Some villains fit better than others in different settings. Secondly, as you've probably guessed, it’s villains! It’s always good to start with 1 leader and 1 minion type for every 2 heroes you want in the battle. Remember that not all villains are built the same; Shredder is going to give you more trouble than Hun for instance. How many spawn points you add will also affect how fast those minions come back to haunt you. Thirdly, play play play! Building a great balanced battle takes patience and playthroughs. The better you understand the figures' abilities, movement, and spawning, the better your battle will be! Lastly, don’t be afraid! Jump in and join the other Sewerbrewers and get creative! 

-Pete Walsh

Annnnddd we’re back. Thanks Pete! We’ll head off into the weekend on a comedic note with the hilarious trio of Make ‘Em Laugh. If our Facebook feed is any indication, we think you’ll be excited for that middle guy. 🌭

Support, samples, and a rulebook for review
20 days ago – Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 07:32:02 PM

Hey there Bat-fans,

We’re back for another update and this one packs a better punch than Clayface. First, a few quick notes on the administrative side:

•All Kickstarter messages have been responded to going back to the start of the campaign. If you have any outstanding issues from before that time, please bump your message and we’ll get you taken care of. 

•As of this posting, we’re still sifting through the last few support emails but if you don’t have a response by Monday, bump away. This also goes for social media (you know the drill, bump it up!). 

There! Boring part over. Now, for the fun stuff! 

In case you missed Pete’s posts in the IDW Adventures Universal Game System group over on Facebook, he and his team are currently taking feedback on this rulebook draft. Dig in and enjoy!

We know you’ve all been patiently waiting for a few new mini previews, and today that patience will be rewarded. Starting off with a Gotham group shot showing off some of Batman’s biggest foes. He’s going to have his hands full with these massive meanies!

Your feedback has been pivotal in making these miniatures rock (sometimes, literally). Here are a few pics of our post-campaign adjustments. 

Our original sculpt had a bigger rock, but that made the physical model unstable due to the weight distribution. This version is much improved!

This daring duo was a tricky one. Getting the scale just right on Isis was difficult since she’s such a tiny cat, but the figure still needs to be usable and functional. Here’s the final scaling for the pair, with Isis having a slightly wider base than TMNT’s mouser hordes. 

Several of you were shocked by Livewire’s render during the campaign because the straight-on pic gave her a bit of a bouffant. Here’s the actual side shot showing her iconic spikes!

No commentary, it’s just too cool to not share. 

That’s all for BTAS, though we’re going to wrap up for the day with a TMNT surprise. Our next update will come complete with a free digital homebrewer’s kit that will give all of you the tools you’ll need to make your own scenarios! We can’t wait to see you flex your turtle power. 🐢 

Pledge manager, customer support, and production progress update
about 1 month ago – Sat, May 30, 2020 at 12:46:53 AM

Hey Bat-fans,

First off, we hope everyone is doing well given the state of the world. We know things are a bit odd with COVID. For us and the gaming industry as a whole, things are changing and we are adjusting. We apologize for this delay update and we are resolving our communication process across the board.


Updates will be coming every 2 weeks until shipping is complete.


The original plan was to charge the pledge manager sooner rather than later, however, we have decided to leave it open until late August. Many people have written to us, asking for more time due to issues around COVID and we want to help out however we can. Once we have an exact date for locking orders, charging cards, and locking addresses, we will make sure you have a heads up and lead time.


European and UK backers, due to a customs issue, are still waiting to receive their copies of TMNT. We want to be respectful to them and wait on adding those products into BackerKit. Ensuring those backers on that campaign is our priority one right now. However, we can tell you some more details now.

- You will be alerted 3 weeks in advance of the TMNT bundles hitting BackerKit.

- Quantities will be limited to somewhere in the hundreds, but we are doing what we can to increase that number.

- Batman All-In backers will have access first for 48 hours, and then the items will be open to everyone.


All plastic minis have been approved for tooling! If you are not familiar with miniature games, this is a huge milestone. Approval for tooling means that each mini has passed the tests needed to create the final metal molds that will make your pieces! Once the molds are made, the fires are kicked up and the minis begin flowing!

Times are odd and we are doing our best to adjust as well. Thank you all for your continued patience. Let’s get through this together :)

IDW Games

A few samples in for preview!
3 months ago – Thu, Apr 02, 2020 at 03:22:19 AM

Hey Bat-fans,

Nope, it's not an April fools day joke. We've already gotten in a few samples from the factory, and we thought you'd enjoy seeing them! We're all working from home at the moment, so these are from a smartphone camera, which does make them a bit blurry, and the details appear softer than they are in reality. However, we still think they’re exciting to see, and should give you an idea of where we are in the process.

We hope everyone is doing well, and staying safe and healthy these days. As you can see, this project is still progressing at a good pace, and we're feeling confident we can still hit this year, even with the current state of things.

As a reminder, BackerKit invitations went out last week. If you haven't received yours yet, or if you feel there's an issue, please email

BackerKit Launch and updated timelines.
3 months ago – Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 03:15:45 AM

Hey Bat-fans!

Well there was a bit of a delay in getting the BackerKit up due to the current state of the Coronavirus, many areas being told to shelter in place, and businesses asking their employees to work from home. However, the BackerKit is completed and ready to go now. This is going to be a longer update to address a few things about the BackerKit, timelines, and the TMNT Adventures bundles. All of this information is quite important to every backer, so please read the whole update.

New to BackerKit?

If you’re new to BackerKit, we’ve put together a guide to walk through the process of getting your pledge organized.

1. Check your email, potentially your spam folder.

You’ll get an invitation to the BackerKit sent to the email your Kickstarter account is registered to. We’ll be sending out a smoke test today that will invite a small number of backers to get in and make sure everything looks correct, tomorrow afternoon we will send the remaining invitations.

2. Follow the email link, login or create a BackerKit account.

After you get your email, you’ll follow the link provided to get to the BTAS Adventures BackerKit. If you already have a BackerKit account, you can use it to login. If you’re new to BackerKit, you can create an account and the BTAS BackerKit will automatically be added to your new account.

3. Confirm or change your pledge level and location.

The first screen you’ll be presented with is a confirmation of your pledge level and location. To change your location, you can use the drop down box underneath the “Select your country for shipping:” tag. If you’re happy with your current pledge level, click, “Get Started!”

If you would like to change your pledge level, click the “or switch your pledge level >>” text. It’s a bit small, so we’ve highlighted in the image below.

After clicking switch your pledge level, you’ll be presented with the screen below. Simply click on the pledge you’d like to switch to and click “Switch”

3. Introduction question

This first question is meant to remind you that the reward you pledged for is already in your cart. So, if you pledged at the Shadow of the Bat level, and did not switch your pledge level in the previous step, then when you get to the next screen, the Shadow of the Bat bundle (containing the game, Alfred mini, and stretch goals) will already be in your cart with your credit for pledging applied. Note: this only applies to items listed in your reward level. In the next step, we’ll cover what to do if you added funds for additional copies, or add-ons outside of what is contained in your pledge level.

Click “Got it!” and then click the “Next: Add-Ons" button.

4. Using the web cart for Add-ons and additional copies.

If you’re happy with your pledge as is, and do not want to add on any additional items, then all you need to do is click the “NEXT” button on the right side of the screen.

In that column, you can see your pledge level and shipping total. If you switched your pledge level in step 3, then you’ll see your new pledge level listed, your new shipping total, and the pledged amount, which are the funds you added during the campaign. These funds are credited to your updated pledge. In the balance section you’ll see the new balance that is owed for the updated pledge level and shipping.

If you added funds for any add-ons during the campaign that fall outside of your pledge level, then those funds will be added as credit to your account, but you will need to select which add-ons you want added to your order.

For example, if you pledged for Shadow of the Bat, but also added funds for a copy of The New Batman Adventures, your cart will already have the Shadow of the Bat bundle in it, but will need to add The New Batman Adventures to your cart. Although you will have to manually add the additional item to your cart, since you added those funds during the Kickstarter, they are already credited in your account. The only additional charge you will need to cover at checkout is shipping for your pledge and additional items.

This is true if you want to order multiple copies as well. All you’ll need to do is add the additional copies to your webcart.

A note to ALL-IN BACKERS: your bundle already contains one of everything (except additional villain dice). If you are happy with receiving just one of everything and do not want any additional copies of any items, then you DO NOT need to add and add-ons.

A note about additional villain dice: you’ll only be able to order additional villain dice if you pledged at the All-In reward level as the VUP was only available to those backers.

Once you’re all set, click “NEXT.”

5. Shipping

At this screen, simply enter the above required information. Please note that you can change your address at any time before we lock orders. All you need to do is log back into BackerKit and update your address. After we lock orders, if you need to change your address before shipping, you’ll need to email

6. Confirmation

At this screen you’ll have an order overview showing everything you’ve pledged for and any add-ons you've added. You’ll need to add a credit card at this screen to cover the cost of shipping and any add-ons that you added to your web cart that you did not pledge funds for during the kickstarter.

Once you’re satisfied everything looks right, click “Place My Order.”

If you change your mind and would like to add or remove an item, you can change your order at any time before we lock orders.

TMNT Adventures add-ons

As many of you asked, we will be allowing backers to order the All The Loot bundle of TMNT Adventures. However, this will not go live at this time. We’re waiting to resolve the fulfillment of EU and Asia backers. After we have confirmed that those have shipped, we will do another update letting people know when the TMNT Adventures bundles will be added to the BTAS Adventures BackerKit.


So these last 2 weeks have been very… different, difficult, and unpredictable for everyone. Our original plan was to have the BackerKit up last week and run it for about 2 to 3 weeks. Which would have had us charging cards probably around the 3rd of April.

At this point, we’re just not comfortable doing that as a lot of people’s lives are in flux. So while we are doing a smoke test for the BackerKit today, with a full release tomorrow, we are not announcing a closing date at this time. When things are a little more stable in the world, we will announce a closing date.

As for production, China is already back to full production capacity with our manufacturer letting us know that, while some of our samples will be a few days behind schedule, they’re already back up to full speed. So there should be no slow down from their point. So when we’re ready to produce things should go as smoothly as they usually do. It’s just a matter of us feeling comfortable with the situation in the USA and abroad before we hit that button.

Thanks again for your support of the project, and from the IDW Games team we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. If you need to make a change to your BackerKit outside of the options listed above, please email support@IDWGames.